About This Blog

Welcome.  Thank you already, just for making it to our little blip on the internet radar.  This is the blog of siblings Justin (Engineer) and Kristina (Biologist) Lapp.  We are both graduate students in our respective fields, and very interested in all types of science. 

Our goal is to provide an entertaining place for everyone to learn something new relating to science, whether you are a physics professor, or have never seen a science textbook.  We will bring you the most interesting information we can find about science and engineering from skyscrapers to mountains to dinosaurs to galaxies.  And we will try to find and share the scientific truth that deals with the current world, from animals and the environment to human health to use of technology to science’s role in public policy. 

We’ll try to keep things pretty light.  Our hope is that everyone (including us) learns something and enjoys coming to the blog.  We don’t want to lecture or tell anyone what to think.  But we do want to show as many people as possible what it’s like to view everything from a scientific perspective.  Comments, suggestions, and questions are always more than welcome. 

Our skills are not massive amounts of knowledge; surely many other out there beat us in that category.  Instead our education paths and interests have taught us something about searching for information, discerning the good from bad, and conveying it.  This will be a place for you to come and quickly find out something cool that you could find on your own, but never thought to look.  Or to get all of the relevant information on a topic because we already scoured the internet and broke it down. 

If you like what you find here, all we ask is that you come back again and tell your friends about us, especially if they are not scientists or engineers but have an interest in science.  The more people who end up here, the harder we will work, and the better this place will be for everyone.   

Thanks for coming, however you made it here.